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API has a series of assessment tools recognized by their precision and consistenc...

Mergers and acquisitions

In the dynamic world of modern organizations there is the constant relocation of the global and local players...

Human resources consulting services

Nowadays, it is imperative for the best organizations to have human resources management processes that are simple, easy, and effective;

Management teams’ consulting services

The management teams of the organizations, as well as those of the different units of the business, face two great challenges every day...

Training, learning, and knowledge management

Modern organizations must ensure the adequate management of knowledge through processes involving capturing,...

Executive and team coaching

Professional growth is possible if individuals focus their efforts first on their own personal growth...


We are leaders in Human Resources Management processes

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API is a leading company in the area of human resources management. We have a wide experience searching for executives, in merger and acquisition processes, and in specialized consulting services for the development of organizations, teams, and individuals.

We are pioneers in the demanding task of selecting and assessing executives in the country. Since 1975, we have worked with important national and multinational companies in Colombia with the purpose of identifying and keeping the best talents. The partnership with EMA Partners International has been operating since 2002 in order to guarantee our clients the most modern processes and systems, the benefits of a wide network of offices around the world, as well as the support of a sound experience in the most important sectors of the global economy.


We are a comprehensive and strategic consulting firm in the area of human resources management.  We believe in a business model through which we can work with our clients to become successful by yielding visible and measurable results. We value and honor assertiveness in communications, outpartnering with our clients, and innovation in our processes.

We work and live from the perspective of assuming accountability for our actions and we aspire to evidence coherence between what we think, what we say, and what we do. Our commitment goes beyond short-term results; we value the feasibility of our firm, as well as the purpose of our clients and stakeholders for them to reach sustainability in their businesses and activities.


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