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Search and selection of executives

In order to identify the adequate candidate, we develop a demanding and highly personalized process. We handle each commitment always focusing on the satisfaction of the client.


API has a series of assessment tools recognized by their precision and consistenc...

Mergers and acquisitions

In the dynamic world of modern organizations there is the constant relocation of the global and local players...

Management teams’ consulting services

The management teams of the organizations, as well as those of the different units of the business, face two great challenges every day...

Training, learning, and knowledge management

Modern organizations must ensure the adequate management of knowledge through processes involving capturing,...

Executive and team coaching

Professional growth is possible if individuals focus their efforts first on their own personal growth...




We are leaders in Human Resources Management processes

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Nowadays, it is imperative for the best organizations to have human resources management processes that are simple, easy, and effective; that are completely aligned with the strategic needs of the business and, at the same time, that allow the team of employees to feel committed and proud of working at their organization.

It is in this sense that API, along with a solid team of experienced consultants, works with its clients to review, redesign, and optimize the particular processes of human resource management by including the processes concerning talent attraction, selection, assessment, performance management, executive coaching, individual and team development, retention, succession plans, work climate, measuring competencies, as well as planning and preparing the talent demanded by the current world, open in nature, in which it is required to help, share, empower, and act with transparency in order to become successful and sustainable.














Value Proposition

We wish to engage in outpartnering with our clients by co-inspiring, cooperating, and co-creating the best business practices within a framework of respect, sustainability, and success for all the parties involved.