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Carrera 7ª No. 73-55
8th Floor - Ultrabursátiles Building
Bogotá, Colombia

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Services we offer

  • Search and selection of executives
  • Assessment.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Human resources consulting services.
  • Management teams’ consulting services.
  • Training, learning, and knowledge management.
  • Executive and team Coaching.













We are leaders in Human Resources Management processes

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API is a leading company in the area of human resources management. We have a wide experience searching for executives, in merger and acquisition processes, and in specialized consulting services for the development of organizations, teams, and individuals.

We are pioneers in the demanding task of selecting and assessing executives in the country. Since 1975, we have worked with important national and multinational companies in Colombia with the purpose of identifying and keeping the best talents.

Our partners and consultants have the vision, experience, and knowledge to ensure that our clients see us as their strategic partner. In order to attain this, we strive to have a deep knowledge of the business of our clients, their culture, their strategy, their environment, and the market they operate in.

Our great asset is our clients who have been working with us throughout our existence by sharing the vision of perceiving human talent as the best competitive advantage of the organization. Therefore, we are interested in forging long-term relationships based on the high quality standards we offer in our processes.

The API acronym represents, in English, the concepts of Assertiveness, Partnering, and Innovation. These are special abilities in the organizations of the 21st century in order to reach sustainability within an increasingly globalized economy, which is complex and demanding vis-à-vis social responsibility.


Value Proposition

We wish to engage in outpartnering with our clients by co-inspiring, cooperating, and co-creating the best business practices within a framework of respect, sustainability, and success for all the parties involved.